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We are a plaintiff’s personal injury law firm. We represent clients with various claims including clients that were injured in an accident, injured by a defective drug or product, or have a claim based on property damage or loss. Information on the various types of cases we handle can be found on our website. If you think you have a legal claim, you can call or email our office for a free legal evaluation. Our attorneys and staff are happy to speak with you about your legal question and help you determine if you should take legal action.


We represent clients locally and nationwide. For many claims, such as auto accident cases, social security disability or veterans claims that will likely go before a local court, it is important to hire a local lawyer familiar with the particular jurisdiction and rules of your state where your case will be tried. We work with various law firms throughout the country. If we do not handle cases in your particular area, we will try our best to point you in the right direction to help you find an experienced attorney in your area.


If you have a potential class action drug litigation or product defect claim, it is important to hire a lawyer with experience handling such claims. These cases are often not tried in the state in which you reside. Our firm has experience handling various pharmaceutical/defective drug and product claims, and we are associated with various firms nationwide that handle these claims.


Figuring out whether or not you have a legal claim can be difficult. If you think you might have a legal claim, it is important to contact a law office as soon as possible so that your right to file a claim (statute of limitations) does not expire. There is no fee to contact our office, and there is no obligation. Most personal injury cases are billed on a contingency fee, which means you do not pay unless and until we recover money for you.


Many legal claims can be settled outside of court through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. Insurance companies and other defendants may offer to settle your claim without going to court. In some cases, you may not need an attorney. In others, it can be helpful to have an experienced attorney help you to negotiate a settlement outside of court. An attorney can help you calculate any future expenses you may incur as a result of your claim and maximize your recovery. As trial lawyers, we will initially attempt to negotiate your claim outside of court, but we also prepare our clients’ cases for court in the event a settlement cannot be reached. For case specific inquires regarding settlement outside of court and whether you need to hire an attorney please contact us.


nquires and initial consultations with our firm are free and confidential. We respect your privacy and do not share or use any of the information you provide us for purposes other than helping you to determine if you have a viable claim. If you make an online inquiry, we ask that you provide a brief summary of your legal situation so that we can better assist you in determining your legal rights. We understand that some matters are difficult to discuss. If you prefer to initially communicate via email, or prefer to speak with a female attorney, let us know.


Need something notarized? We offer free notary services to all current and potential clients in the greater New Orleans area. Stop by our office or call 504.286.2022 to schedule your free notary appointment.

Please note: documents that require notarization must be signed in the presence of the notary, so please do not sign the document until you are in our presence. Free notarization applies to documents that you have that are already prepared. If you need help drafting a document such as a Will or Succession please contact us for an estimate regarding that additional service.

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The Robichaux Law firm LLC is a participating member of The Legal Services Network from Allstate, a part of the AARP Member Advantages Program.


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